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Straight back to work, New Years Day and the boys were back at the Norbreck.
January and February were taken up with one nighters, mainly Warners plus some lunchtime shows courtesy of their old pal comedian Les Wilson.

It was now time to return to Australia to do a six week tour for Geoff Jones who had by now become a best friend as well as their promoter.

The highlights for John were Saint Patrick's Day at Melbourne Casino, the Town Hall, Sydney - playing two shows to four thousand people and performing at the famous Irish Club in Brisbane.

Jonathan on the other hand seems to remember the social occasions, like meeting up with John and Kevin’s friend Max Bygraves.
Jonathan recalls when they worked “The Twins Towns” in the Gold Coast Max came to see them and afterwards went out with them for dinner.

“It was a great night eating, drinking, and reminiscing with Max telling some terrific stories. We invited him out the next night but I think his lovely wife Blossom put the block on that".

Kevin has always had a great love of Australia but his memory of that tour was the show they did on their way back home, when they stopped of in Kuala Lumpur to do a show for the Irish Ambassador in the fabulous Shangri La Hotel.

It doesn’t come much better than that -even the King enjoyed it, said he’d always been a fan.

Kevin always made us laugh when telling the story about turning down the King's invitation to play golf and calling him by his first name, not knowing who he was.  Typical Kevin.

John, Kevin and Jonathan arrived back in Manchester at six in the morning and drove straight to Wolverhampton to begin nine shows at the Grand theatre and were relieved to have made it on time.

The rest of the year was similar to the last with more cruises, more Warners and a short tour with Stu Francis and Susan Maughan.

On a social level John’s favourite memory would have to be when they all went to the Water Rats Ball on the 29th of November
John recalls ”it was a great night. Britt Ekland came as our guest and Chas McDevitt ended a sensational year as King Rat. One of the best I ever attended.”

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