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Bachelors Show
First of all we would like to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR 2020, can you believe its 20 years since the millennium. In 2019 we had been doing a series of farewell shows and people have been asking is it really the end of THE BACHELORS with John Stokes or THE BACHELORS SHOW as we are sometimes billed? Well the answer is, John, Dave and I have after 25 years together realized that the traveling is getting too much for us and whilst the shows have been going really well we feel we can no longer make ourselves available without knowing the traveling involved. For example we have just turned down a farewell tour of Australia and while we thank Richard Browne for his offer we have had to decline it. Having said that we will still consider offers of cruises and some local dates so don’t hesitate to contact us with a suitable offer.
Since our web site will be kept only as a record of our 25 years together I would like to thank the people who helped those years the success they were and I know that what I am writing will echo the thoughts of John Stokes, Dave Pearson and of course the late great Kevin Neil.

When John and Kevin first asked me to join up with them I thought it was for one little tour, I could never have imagined what it would lead to and how it would take up nearly a quarter of a century of our lives.
There are so many people we have to thank for the faith they showed in us that it’s hard to know where to begin but top of the list has to be the late Duggie Chapman and Beryl Jonston for among other things all those seasons at The North Pier Theatre, Blackpool, one of them lasting 24 weeks, can you believe that? Then we had Geoff Jones who took us to Australia seven times, the first time only on the recommendation of comedian Noel Talbot who saw us perform in Wales. If we could call a country our second home, it would be Australia. We will always treasure our memories of our time there and the people who we will always regard as friends.  The seven appearances on National Television were very memorable, namely THE BERT NEWTON SHOW, GOOD MORNING AUSTRALIA and THE CAROL ANN SHOW. Plus we will always be grateful to ARTHUR LANG who had so much faith in us that he released a trilogy of our albums on his label and had them in every store in the country, selling extremely well.

Bachelors ShowThen we had the Cruises, too numerous to mention but not the people who booked us. Thank you Dave Arnold for P&O all those fantastic ships, Christine Butler for Page & Moy, great times on the Ocean Majesty, Gerry Flynn for those lovely Irish holidays on land and sea and lastly Chris Gidney for our most recent ones with Cruise & Maritime.

Our gratitude goes out to the staff and management of all those lovely theatres all over the country we had the pleasure of appearing in and the agents and promoters who booked us. Brian Goddard, Brian Walker, a lovely man who just recently passed away , Derek Grant, Peggy Jones, Andy Eastwood, Mark Andrews, Jeff Kemp and of course Vincent Hayes the proprietor of “Brick Lane Music Hall” which was like our second home. The list is endless.

Another list that would be endless is the number of excellent musicians we had the pleasure of working with and If I attempted to name them I would surely leave someone out, so we would just like to say thank you one and all.

In our time together we made eight albums and a big thank you all the people who bought them. Renaissance, Outstanding in their own field, The Irish Collection, A Taste of The Bachelors, Our Favourite Number Ones, Making Memories, The Bachelors Show and our latest one My Heart will go on.  John’s favourite is “Renaissance”, Dave’s is “The Bachelors Show” and mine is” My Heart will go on”. John, Dave and I went through all our CD’s and picked out tracks that we were most proud of and put them on one CD. I think it is a fitting farewell album

The last people we would like to thank are you the fans or perhaps a more appropriate word would be friends, because over the years that’s what you became.

So to all the people who took the time to attend our shows on the cruise ships, Australia, the Far East, your local theatre or the working men’s club round the corner we say thank you
John and I will have been together 25 years, actually longer than his time with the original line up and if anyone would care to look back through the web site our achievements are well documented thanks to Laurence Payne who has taken my thoughts and made a sensible presentation out of them.

As they say “Never say never “so don’t be surprised if we get together for the occasional cruise or a show for a local charity because you can’t keep a good band down.


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making memories

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Making Memories

I Believe
No Arms Can Ever Hold You
I Wouldn't Trade You For The World
Love Me With All Your Heart
Hello Dolly
The Sound Of Silence
The Unicom
In The Chapel In The Moonlight
Answer Me
My Heart Will Go On
Danny Boy
If Tomorrow Never Comes
Faraway Places
You're My World
The Fields Of Athenry
So Deep Is The Night
Walk With Faith In Your Heart
Climb Every Mountain